BeeOffice Forum is a simple, all-purpose mechanism for information exchange between employees.

Depending on configuration, it can be used as a knowledge base, discussion forum or message board. Individual theme forums can be available for all BeeOffice users or only for a specified group or team.

BeeOffice Forum is both a platform for inter-company information transfer and exchange and for building informal relationships within the organization.


  • Creation of forums dedicated for a specific theme (e.g. information from Accounting department, HR announcements, sell-buy private message board)
  • Placement of posts and attachments in themes
  • User authorisation distinction within individual forums (as to the access to and addition of content)
  • E-mail notifications on new posts (an option of activating or deactivating the notifications and specifying the frequency of their transmission)
  • Quick access to favourite forums (favourite forums list)


  • Improved internal communication
  • Development of an organizational culture
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Strengthening informal relationships